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Posted Monday, November 03, 2008 by Kristina Pettignano
Practice Regulations
1. Girls are now required to wear a uniform to practice black pants or shorts and a white shirt (may have writing on the shirt.) If daughter is a flyer she is to wear stretchy pants or shorts no baggy clothing).
2. Girls are to bring water to practice. Practices are going to be harder and more intense now that we have advanced they will need plenty of fluids.
3. Saturday November 1st practice 12-2 at Haindel Field.
NOTE/Saturday practice will be mandatory!
Please try to arrange your schedules so that the girls can all be at every practice from now until Trenton. No Practice on Halloween! Dress warm just incase we are outside.
4. Hair is to be in a tight ponytail at practice, do NOT show up to practice with your hair down put it up before you come.
5. Sneakers must be tied tightly in double knots. Flyers ONLY are to bring competition sneakers to practice and change shoes at practice.
6. MOMS...Please note that we will be harder on the girls over then next few weeks to prepare them for Trenton. If we want to advance we need to utilize every minute of practice and we cannot have fooling around and excessive talking. We may sound harsh at times but it is important to understand it is for a cause...Disney!
Parents your cooperation is appreciated in this matter! Thank you for your ongoing support. The girls are doing a great job!!

Thank you
Coaches Kristina, Jenn, and Phyllis

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